Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Don't worry. Daddy said that the lace was a little much! I guess this is it for George wearing beautiful clothing. Daddy did say that George needed to have a picture taken in the outfit for blackmail purposes. Oh, and the scooter shot was a special request by George.

Easter Egg Hut and Aunt Sandy's Confetti Eggs

George had a fun time at the church Easter Egg Hunt. His friends Campbell, Bauer, Carter and Mason were all there. He found lots of eggs. The most popular thing stuffed in his eggs were the Smarties. George loves Smarties.

Later that day we went out back and had a blast smashing the "funfetti" eggs that Aunt Sandy sent. George thought they were the the coolest thing. He was quite sad when there were none left to throw. Thank you, Aunt Sandy!

Golf with Daddy