Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jacob's Wings Ceremony

It's official!  Jacob is a FedEx Pilot.  This past Thursday, Jacob and I attended a nice dinner at the Crescent Club of Memphis where Jacob was presented with his wings.  He has finished his basic indoc and will begin learning the ancient Boeing 727. Jacob is really excited and happy that the waiting is over.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas Day

Some pictures I took with my new camera.  These are from Christmas Day.  George really wanted the Star Wars AT AT and that is what Santa brought him.  He also got a four wheeler (little one) that he loved.  Louise loved her baby and her new table.  For dinner we went over the Papa and Joycey's for dinner.  It was a fun day.  It was probably one of the most magical Christmas's for me.  George was so into it and had such a great time.


I'm not sure why they downloaded in this order, but it will have to do.  So, I haven't been able to blog because my computer was acting up.  Thankfully, Tim Woodard fixed it for me.  Now I will be adding some Christmas pictures, finally.  I may even have some videos!  I have some really cute ones.  

Most of these pictures were my failed attempt to get an acceptable Christmas card picture.  It was about 20 degrees outside.  You can tell by Louise's chapped little face.

Note:  I appliques Louise's dress and George's red shirt (he is playing angry birds)  The deer shirt of from Kelly Kids