Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weezie This Week

Just some pictures of Louise this week.  When you wake her up she loves to get under the covers and say, "Where's Weezie?"  At school they are talking about Teddy Bears, so in the second pictures she is wearing her bear ears.  In the last picture, she is just finishing up her taco dinner.  Weezie is crazy about guacamole and cheese dip.  She asks for, "more dips" several times during dinner.  Don't ignore her or she will start screaming.  She  doesn't like to be ignored.  I can't imagine where she gets that from...hum...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Game Day!

Urgh!  I hate putting picutres of myself on my blog!  It just reminds me of how much work needs to be done.  I did get out and walk on this glorious morning!  Weezie loved it!  Anyway!  It was gameday on Saturday and our house was so excited.  Each child chose a side, and as I said on facebook...George had to tuck himself in on Saturday night!!!  Weezie got an extra story and some special kisses.  Hahaha!  Just kidding.  Anyway, Tennessee and LSU walked away winners, and that meant we were all happy!  Oh, and I taught Louise to tell people that we were having "Duck for Dinner."  We did have Jambalaya made by mom and me and it was very good!